The Kennesaw State University SAFE (Safety. Advocacy. Forensics. Empowerment.) Center, formerly the KSU Office of Victim Services, seeks to ensure that the victims of crime at Kennesaw State University become an integral part of the criminal justice system. Through a centralized interdisciplinary approach and collaboration across the campus and the community, the KSU SAFE Center believes that the voices of KSU crime victims will become a necessary component of the justice system.

The mission of the SAFE Center is to provide elevated and comprehensive student-centered, trauma-informed services to KSU students and employees who were victims of crime.  The goal of the SAFE Center team is to reduce the level of trauma and secondary injury to the crime victim and restore the victim’s wellbeing by using a holistic team continuum of care approach to each case.  The purpose of this approach is to centralize crime victim resources to avoid victims presenting to multiple locations while enduring trauma. We believe a holistic approach will help students cope with the negative effects of victimization such as PTSD, poor academic performance, depression, anxiety, and substance use.  

KSU SAFE Center advocates for each victim’s interest by ensuring that crime victims and witnesses are provided with the entitlements and services mandated by the Crime Victims' Bill of Rights, including but not limited to:

  • To have safety information and advocacy with offender release information, sex offender registration, protection orders, emergency shelter, transitional housing, separate waiting areas at court, emergency cell phones, etc.

  • To have emotionally healing assistance such as crisis counseling, spiritual ministry, support groups, employer and student services (class scheduling, etc.) intervention, accompaniment to court and interviews, advocacy for social services, etc.

  • To participate in the justice process by attending hearings, providing input, and receiving case information; and

  • To receive financial compensation from offender restitution and/or Georgia Crime Victims’ Compensation Program.

For anonymous or confidential reporting options for incidents related to sexual assault or violence, click the following link:  Submit Your Concern. Once you click on the button marked "Submit Your Concern", choose "Office of Victim Services" in the concern category menu.